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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Land in Costa Rica . . . .. . . Download pdf of Frequently Asked Questions

• How do foreigners buy property in Costa Rica? 
• How do I purchase land at Palm Springs?
• How is title transferred?
• Can I purchase land with other parties?
• What are the closing costs?
• What are the property and capital gains taxes?

Buying property in Costa Rica is not only a significant investment, it also involves potential language barriers and unfamiliarity with local laws and procedures. Our team will assist you with this exciting endeavor to make sure the process of purchasing titled land in our community is as easy as possible.

All foreigners have equal rights with Costa Rican nationals for purchasing and owning land. Many foreigners simplify the purchasing process by creating a Costa Rican corporation (Sociedad Anonima) or Limited Liability company (Limitada). It is straightforward, inexpensive and eases the process of opening bank accounts and utilities in Costa Rica. A corporation also helps protect the buyer’s assets, helps facilitate future transactions, and gives beneficiaries easier access to the estate in the case of death or injury. As a corporation, the company can transfer title tax-free which avoids property transfer taxes and registration stamps in the case of a sale. For more information our sales representatives will be happy to walk you through the advantages and process of setting up a corporation. This is certainly not a requirement, it just can simplify the process and allow for more options.