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Frequently Asked Questions

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• What goods and services are available near Palm Springs? What amenities and
conveniences are close to Palm Springs?
• Is there crime in the local area?
• What recreation and outdoor activities are there close to Palm Springs?
• Do I need to know how to speak Spanish to be comfortable communicating with local people?
• Where can I learn to speak Spanish?

Palm Springs is located in Playa Esterillos, which 20 miles south of the town of Jaco. Jaco is a world renown surf town with consistent rolling waves inside the bay perfect for long boarding or the beginner surfer. Jaco has countless restaurants ranging in fare from Thai to Italian and pizza to fresh seafood. Jaco also has grocery stores, lots of shopping, with boutiques selling house wares, clothing, and souvenirs. Jaco is also a great place for nightlife and has numerous bars, discothèques and one hotel casino.

In Jaco services and amenities can be found for almost all your needs ranging from health and financial services to maid service, laundry, car rental, internet and tourism and adventure. Buses and taxis are available in San Jose, Jaco and the local hotels around the property. The bus from San Jose to Jaco costs $2.